This diverse group of Ethereans came together to build [], a drastically better DeFi user experience.

Normal people won't spend 36 hours per day tinkering with their portfolio, checking in on farms, rebalancing their positions, and reallocating assets to maximize profits and mitigate catastrophes, but will.

  • Gunnar Olsen


    Contributor at Harvest Finance. Dove into crypto in 2015 through data science, stayed on the blockchain ever since.

  • Joshua Lapidus


    DAO aficionado and DeFi ReGen. Former ConsenSys and Lyft.

  • Zack Rowland

    Senior Engineer

    Long time advocate for crypto. Network security and optimization by day, foreign film enthusiast by night.

  • Josh Humphrey

    Full Stack Developer

    Full-stack developer, contributor at Loves Magic Internet Money and dogs. Can exit VIM.

  • Bill Warren

    Technical Advisor

    Product and smart contract development at Pool-Party and DAOhaus. Former startup and tech lawyer.

  • Carl Farterson

    Solidity Developer

    Solidity buidler and statistician.

  • Gavin Nicholson

    Community Manager

    Previously a political and small business consultant. Accidently stumbled into ETH in 2019 and have been in love ever since.