Our plan of what we're building and when we're shipping.

  • Phase I
    Q1 2021

    Launch CCO utilizing the DAOHaus platform, ensuring decentralization and governance as soon as possible.

  • Phase II
    Q2 2021

    Launch v1 of the ArrayDAO and transition the CCO to the custom-built ArrayDAO, with several introductory vaults. Transition from the CCO to the Array DAO and bonding curve.

  • Phase III
    Q3 2021

    Launch the first “on-rails” Array builder, using risk tolerance as the variable. Release more Array vaults and the Array AMM, kickstarting the Array insurance mechanism.

  • Phase IV
    Q4 2021

    Launch v2 of the Array builder, allowing rapid deployment of user-created Arrays, with a migration tool for v1 Arrays.

* The Array roadmap is subject to change. Depending on governance proposals, parts of the roadmap may be modified or change in priority.

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