Invest in trusted
and user-curated portfolios

Quit protocol hopping and start earning. Create and easily invest in trusted portfolios, earning real returns.

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The future of asset management is here.

Algorithmically diversify based on personal risk tolerance. Quit being limited by a handful of strategies- our tools allow you to build and deploy yourself, earning performance fees in the process.

  • Build your own Arrays and share with the community
  • Save gas by having Array handle portfolio rebalancing and farming
  • Let others join your Arrays and set custom performance fees.

Automate your DeFi portfolio

Quit protocol hopping and start earning. Create and easily invest in trusted portfolios, earning real returns.

Something for everyone

Provide liquidity and farm competitive returns without speculation. Swap assets with low slippage and earn rewards. Join an Array and manage your crypto with no hassle.

Let’s make DeFi easy

By aligning incentives between users, traders and liquidity providers, the ArrayDAO keeps DeFi collaborative by distributing rewards where they matter most. With Array, passive DeFi is possible. No longer will you need to chase APY and wipe out your profits with transaction fees.

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Backed by the best

The Array protocol has been crafted to solve the fundamental issues within the DeFi space. Developed and tested by industry veterans, the ArrayDAO bonds and backs tokens, locking real value as collateral behind each Array token, minimizing volatility.

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Made for the decentralized community, built by a public team with experience at Consensys and Fortune 500 companies.

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DeFi built with the future in mind. We want to build a new cornerstone of the Ethereum ecosystem, built for the community. To do this, Array is being built in phases.

  • Phase I
    Q1 2021

    Launch CCO utilizing the DAOHaus platform, ensuring decentralization and governance as soon as possible.

  • Phase II
    Q2 2021

    Launch v1 of the ArrayDAO and transition the CCO to the custom-built ArrayDAO, with several introductory vaults. Transition from the CCO to the Array DAO and bonding curve.

  • Phase III
    Q3 2021

    Launch the first “on-rails” Array builder, using risk tolerance as the variable. Release more Array vaults and the Array AMM, kickstarting the Array insurance mechanism.

  • Phase IV
    Q4 2021

    Launch v2 of the Array builder, allowing rapid deployment of user-created Arrays, with a migration tool for v1 Arrays.

* The Array roadmap is subject to change. Depending on governance proposals, parts of the roadmap may be modified or change in priority.

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